November 13th 2019: Speaking about Payment and Identity at Moneylab 7, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam. 

November 30th 2019: Cash or Cache, a talk as part of Kennedy Browne's The Redaction Trilogy on Payments, Surveillance and Resistance in the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin.

December 9th 2019: I'm giving a talk in NCAD with Anthropologist Tom McDonald on Money, Surveillance and Social Media. 

January 2020: I'm acting as a respondent at Transmediale 2020. Details to Follow. 


Rachel O'Dwyer


Advisory Group for DECODE EU Flagship project on data sovereignty for citizens across Europe and beyond; Irish Blockchain Expert Group; ADAPT Privacy and Ethics Working Group; Future of Money Research Collaborative; P2P Foundation; Internet of Things (IoT) Council; Orthogonal Research Methods Group, Trinity College Dublin; NESTA Steering Group on Decentralised Citizen-Owned Data Ecosystems.



I am lecturer in Digital Cultures in the School of Visual Culture in the National College of Art & Design, (NCAD) Dublin. Among other things I coordinate modules on Economies of Culture and Digital Cultures and teach electives on topics such as Art and Money, Tactical Media and the Politics of Algorithms and Networks.  I am formerly a Media and Communications Research Fellow in CONNECT, Trinity College Dublin, a Government of Ireland Scholar and a Fulbright scholar at UC Irvine, California's Future of Money Research Institute. 

I'm always trying to compose the perfect sentence to describe my research and never really managing it. Since Shoshana Zuboff's book was published in 2018, a shorthand for my research would be to say it's in the area of surveillance capitalism: exploring how value is extracted through networks and platforms, with a particular focus on digital money, mobile networks and payments. I also explore the modes of resistance that emerge to surveillance capitalism, with an emphasis on artistic and activist practices. This recent paper Cache Society is quite illustrative. Most of my work is within the money/payments space, but I explored similar themes of online surveillance, data monetisation and resistance in my PhD research through the lens of struggles around mobile networks and the enclosure of radio spectrum. I'm close to finishing a manuscript that deals with this topic.

Through my teaching and research I've become interested in methods for engaging with complex sociotechnical systems such as payments platforms and have run a number of workshops that bring artists, designers and researchers together to try and tease out the methodologies we're using to engage with these spaces. The most recent was the Ascend Project, funded by the Irish Research Council in August 2019. 

I'm an active organiser of events on media culture and digital art, most notably the leader of 
the Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA).


I'm engaged in editorial work as a regular co-editor of Neural Magazine for Critical Digital Culture and Media Arts.  I was founding editor-in-chief of the journal Interference 2009-2017.