Rachel O'Dwyer



I am a media and communications Research Fellow in CONNECT, Trinity College Dublin. My research focuses on emerging markets at the intersection of data, mobile networks and payments. 

I am the leader of the Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA) and the curator of the festival and conference Openhere.


Previously I was a Government of Ireland Research Fellow in the Sociology Department of Maynooth University. I was founding editor-in-chief of the journal Interference 2009-2017.




Advisory Group for DECODE EU Flagship project on data sovereignty for citizens across Europe and beyond; Irish Blockchain Expert Group; Future of Money Research Collaborative; P2P Foundation; Internet of Things (IoT) Council; Orthogonal Research Methods Group, Trinity College Dublin; NESTA Steering Group on Decentralised Citizen-Owned Data Ecosystems.

Recent Talks


December 14th: I will be giving a talk on transactional dataveillance and cash as a mode of resistance at the Slow Computing Workshop in Maynooth Universty. 


January 20th: I will be chairing a panel on Art and Equity: Tokenising Culture with the Blockchain at this year's Moneylab in London. 

February 4th: I will be in conversation with Stefan Heidenreich at Transmediale 2018. The session is called 'Stop Making Money: Valuation and Non-Monetary Utopias' and we'll be talking about monetary innovation and art and finance.