I am a media and communications Research Fellow in CONNECT, Trinity College Dublin. My research focuses on emerging markets at the intersection of data, mobile networks and payments. 

I am the leader of the Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA) and the curator of the festival and conference Openhere.


Previously I was a Government of Ireland Research Fellow in the Sociology Department of Maynooth University. I was founding editor-in-chief of the journal Interference 2009-2017.



Rachel O'Dwyer


MAY 9th: I will be giving a talk at the Mapping Festival in Geneva on Transactional dataveillance and the need for cash.

MAY 11th: I will be giving a talk at a workshop in Manchester on Trust in FinTech called Is Amazon a bank? This largely focuses on the development of methods for FinTech research - something I've been thinking about recently. 

June 28th: I will be giving a talk at the Symposium Just Speculating: Economics and the Future  in Edinburgh called  Data Markets: Was Money Always Data? And Was Data Always Money? I'm hoping to respond to the ways in which data cultures invite new perspectives on the nature of money and liquidity. 



Advisory Group for DECODE EU Flagship project on data sovereignty for citizens across Europe and beyond; Irish Blockchain Expert Group; ADAPT Privacy and Ethics Working Group; Future of Money Research Collaborative; P2P Foundation; Internet of Things (IoT) Council; Orthogonal Research Methods Group, Trinity College Dublin; NESTA Steering Group on Decentralised Citizen-Owned Data Ecosystems.