Rachel O'Dwyer

CV Dr. Rachel O’Dwyer 


Currently Research Fellow in CONNECT, Trinity College Dublin. Previously Government of Ireland Research Fellow in the Department of Sociology, Maynooth University. 

I have a background in Fine Art that I bring to transdisciplinary studies of digital media. I am the founding editor-in-chief of Interference a Journal of Audio Culture and the leader of the Dublin Art and Technology Association (DATA). I am an active curator of events in digital art and new media, most significantly the Openhere conference and festival.


Publications: 1 Book (And One forthcoming, Currently Under Review at MIT Press); 6 Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles; 7 Book Chapters; 4 Edited Journal Editions.
Presentations: 50 + talks across Ireland, UK, EU, and US: 14 Invited International talks and lectures, 20 invited lectures and talks in Ireland, 17 International conferences, 1 keynote.
Event Curation: 3 Curated Conferences; 30+ curated events and exhibitions.
Funding: Since 2009 I have been awarded €203,000 in funding from a range of national and International sources including European Science Open Forum, Science Foundation Ireland, The Irish Research Council, the Arts Council of Ireland, Science Gallery Dublin and Trinity College Dublin’s Visual & Performing Arts Fund.


2016 – Connect, Trinity College Dublin, Postdoctoral Researcher in Mobile Payments and the Internet of Things.
2015 - 2016 Maynooth University, Government of Ireland Research Fellow.
2015 Microsoft Research, Cambridge, MA, Visiting Research Fellow, November 2015. 
2013 - 2014 School of Computer Science & Statistics, Trinity College Dublin, Teaching Fellowship


2013 – 2016 Trinity College Dublin M.Phil. in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship. Lecturer in History of the Cultural and Creative Industries, Masters thesis & project supervisor 8 Masters Theses: 3 Practice-based, 5 Written.

2014 Trinity College Dublin Designed and developed MOOC in ‘Technology & Society for Engineers’, for delivery to Thapar University, Patiala, India.

2009 – 2014 Trinity College Dublin: M.Sc. in Interactive Digital Media, Department of Computer Science. Lecturer in Physical Computing; Lecturer in Cultural and Critical theory for Digital Media; Masters Thesis Supervisor and Final Project Supervisor. 14 Masters theses, 6 Group Projects.

2012 – 2015 National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Masters in Design History and Material Culture. Adjunct lecturer in Technology, Design and Society.

2011 National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Spring 2011, B.A. in Anthropology and B.A. Music Technology. Visiting Lecturer in Sound Studies.

2008 – 2011 Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media, DIT. Leader of bi-monthly postgraduate seminar series on Audio Cultures.


2009 - Dublin Art and Technology Association: D.A.T.A is a forum for the intersection of local and international digital media practices. We program events and workshops. I have been leader of DATA since 2013 and co-facilitator since 2009. Duties: Program Design; Event management; Publicity, Web Development, Funding.

2012 – 2016 Neural Magazine: Critical Digital Culture and Media Arts: Copyeditor and regular contributor for Neural magazine, an international printed quarterly on critical digital culture and media art

2009 - 2017 Interference a Journal of Audio Culture: I am the Founding Editor-in-Chief of Interference, a Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal on theoretical and practice-based research in sound studies.


2014 PhD Spectre of the Commons: A Political Economy of Radio Regulation Centre for Telecommunications Research (CTVR) School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin.

2009 M.Phil. in Music and Media Technologies School of Engineering, Trinity College, Dublin.

2007 City and Guilds Diploma in Sound Engineering Sound Training Centre, Dublin. 2006 B.A. Honours in Fine Art (Digital Media) IADT Dun Laoghaire.


2018 RIA Charlemont Grant

2015 IRC Postdoctoral Fellowship 2015
2012 ESOF2012 Public Engagement Funding for Openhere 2012
2012 Science Gallery Exhibition Funding for The Mobile Commons 2012.
2010 - 2014 Science Gallery Seed Funding for D.A.T.A. 2010 – 2014.
2011 Best Paper Award, Science and Technology Studies ST Global Conference, Washington DC, April 2011.
2009 IRCSET PhD Scholarship Recipient 2009.
2008 - 2010 Visual and Performing Arts Award Recipient, TCD, 2008, 2009, 2010.



Whitespaces: A Political Economy of Radio Spectrum Currently under Review with MIT Press, Leonardo Series

Moving Through Sound: The Role of Mobile Sonic Technologies in a User’s Experience of Urban Place

London: Lambert Academic Publishing, (Monograph published from M.Phil thesis), 2010.

Journal Articles

‘Code !=Law’ Algorithmic Governance Under Review Information Communication and Society

'Calculated Risk: Liberal Governmentality, Risk and Blockchain Technologies', Currently under review in Theory, Culture and Society

‘Cache Society: Transactional Data and Cultural Money’ Journal of Cultural Economy, Forthcoming, 2018.

‘Where’s the Money?’ Kings Review Money Futures, Cambridge, 2016.

‘When Pipes Become Banks: Sociotechnical Control in Mobile Payments’ IS4IS June 2015.

‘No More Walled Gardens’ Spheres: Journal of Digital Cultures Politics Without Networks, 2014.

‘Spectre of the Commons: Spectrum Regulation in the Communism of Capital’ in Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organisation, Special Issue on the Communism of Capital, 2013.

‘This is Not a Bit Pipe: A Political Economy of the Substrate Network’ in Fibreculture Journal: Digital Media + Transdisciplinary Critique, issue 20 Networked Utopias 2012.

Book Chapters

‘Things that Transact: How the Internet of things is transforming Payments’ in Geert Lovink and Patricia De Vries (Ed.s)The INC Moneylab Reader: Overcoming the Hype, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, Forthcoming 2018

‘Does Digital Culture Want to be Free? Smart Contracts and Cultural Distribution’ in Artists Re- thinking the Blockchain Furtherfield and Liverpool University Press, 2017.

‘Ether’ in Paid edited by Bill Maurer and Lana Swartz, MIT Press May 2017.
‘Blockchains and their pitfalls’ in Platform Cooperativism: The Book, edited by Trebor Scholz in the New School, OR Books, May 2016

‘Money Talks’ in Geert Lovink and Nathaniel Tkacz (ed.s) The INC Moneylab Reader, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, (July, 2015).

‘A Capital Remix’ in Eduardo Navas, Owen Gallagher and Xtine Burrough (ed.s) The Routledge Companion to Remix Studies, Routledge, 2015.

Selected Blog Posts, Criticism & Catalogue Essays

‘Data Politics and the Internet of things’ in Silicon Republic, December 2016

‘The Revolution will (not) be decentralized: Blockchains’ in P2P Foundation Blog, March 2015. ‘Money 2020 Report’ Institute of Network Cultures Blog, 2015.

‘Stop Pretending that Bits Don’t Decay’, Neural 48 Critical Digital Culture & Media Arts 2014.

‘CTRL ALT #B: Coining Alternatives’ in Neural online edition, 2014.

‘In Another Sense: music publishing and post-digital print’ in Neural 44, 2013.

‘Bits that Matter’ article on the economis of 3D printing in Neural 43 Critical Digital Culture & Media Arts 2012.


'Coined Liberty: Cash as Rsistance to Transactional Dataveillance', NUI Maynooth, December 2017

Blockchain and Commodity Chains for Art, at ‘Using Blockchain to Secure the Supply Chain’ UC Irvine, November 2017

‘Do Blockchains have Politics?’ From Algorithmic Sates to Algorithmic Brains, NUIG, September 2016

A Cacheless Society: How transactional data is producing new credit castes and ifnancial inequalities’ Re:Publica, Dublin, October 2016
‘Bitcoin and STS’ Guest Lecture, Media Studies, Maynooth, April, 2016.

‘Digital Policy and FLOSS’, Procomuns Barcelona, March 2016.
‘Blockchains and Algorithmic Governance University of Warwick, Paytech Conference, February 2016.

‘’This is Not a Cat’: A Prehistory of Digital Networks’, Exhuming the Archive Millennium Arts Centre, Portadown, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, January 2015.

‘Shifting Property Rights and Digital Infrastructures’, Closed Digital Economies Conference & Workshop with Tiziana Terranova, Evgeny Morozov, Francesca Bria & Dmytri Kleiner, Thoughtworks, Berlin, December 2015.

‘Other Values’, Moneylab #2, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, December 2015. ‘Governance by Design: Blockchains’, Guest Lecture, The Programmable City Project, Maynooth University, December 2015.

‘A Blockchain for Platform Cooperativism’, Platform Cooperativism, The New School, New York, November, 2015.
‘This Band is your Band, This Band is my Band: Radio Spectrum’ Radical Networks, New York Polytechnic and Eyebeam, New York, October, 2015.

‘Does Digital Culture Want to be Free? Distributed Ledgers, Smart Contracts and Cultural Distribution’, Rhizome, New York, October, 2015.

‘Future Money and the Design of Security’, Science Gallery, Dublin, October, 2015.

‘Blockchain: Integrity, Security, Privacy’ Open Knowledge Foundation Ireland, September 2015. ‘Who Controls Where Value Flows?’ Money Talks, Trinity College Dublin, March 2015. ‘Curating for New Media in Ireland’, Digital Quebec, BFI London, March 2015.

‘Shifting Ground, Changing Roles – Collaborations and Perspectives’, UCD Art in Science, Dublin, Panel Chair, February 2015.
‘What’s Mine is Mine and What’s Yours is Mine: Problems of the Sharing Economy’ Share & Share Better Panel, Openhere Festival, Dublin 2014.

‘The New Commons or the New Enclosures?’ Contemporary Capitalism Seminar Series, Provisional University, Dublin, November, 2012.

‘Peer-to-Peer & The Communism of Capital’ Openhere, Trinity College Dublin, June, 2012. ‘The Network, Cultural Capital and the University’ Public Education Seminar, The Lab, Dublin, Guest Lecture, May, 2012.

Dancing with Fire Performing Arts Symposium, ATRL, Trinity College Dublin, Panel Chair, June ‘Networked Performance’ April, 2012.


Money Studies meets Internet Studies, AoIR, Estonia, October 2017

‘The Algorithmic Politics of Transactional Data’ AOIR, Berlin, October, 2016.

‘Whose Money? Transactional Data and Cultural Memory’, IAMCR, Leicester, July, 2016.

‘Channelling Value: The Models and Political Economy of Payments Infrastructure’ Futures Money Conference, University of Basel, September 2015.

‘Sociotechnical Control in the Infrastructure of Payments’, IAMCR, Montreal, July, 2015.

‘Power & Resistance in Virtual Payments’, Controlling Cryptocurrencies, University of Birmingham, June, 2015.

‘When Telcos become Banks’, IS4IS, Vienna, June, 2015.

‘Other Values: Considering Digital Currency as a Commons’, RGS-IBG Conference London, September, 2014.

‘Common Ground: Shifting Property Relations in the Mobile Internet’, ICTs and Society Conference, Uppsala, Sweden, April, 2012.

‘The Submissive Network: A Political Economy of Spectrum’, Technology, Knowledge and Society Conference, UCLA, Los Angeles, January 2012.


2016 Curator of ‘Data Politics and the Internet of Things’, Conference and Workshop,Maynooth University, Tritniy College Dublin and Science Gallery, Dublin.

2014/ 2012 Openhere Lead curator of ‘Openhere’ conference and festival. Four-day event addressing social, technological and cultural issues surrounding digital media & open source.Funded by SFI and ESOF & hosted by Science Gallery. Program includes cross disciplinary talk, panels and workshops from media art, design, theory, policy and engineering. Previous themes include Internet of Things (2016); Digital Currencies; Open Source Hardware and Disruptive Telecommunications.

2009 – D.A.T.A: On-going Events and Workshops As leader of the Dublin Art and Technology Association, I organise an annual program of events and workshops with international invited speakers and facilitators. Recent events include ‘Data and Algorithmic Governance’ with artist Ben Grosser, ‘Using Big Data as Cultural Analytics’ with Lev Manovich, The Internet’s Own Boy’ with Gabriella Coleman and ‘Rethinking the Smart City’ with Adam Greenfield

2011 Quantified Self, The LAB, Dublin: Quantified Self Events Program (October & November 2011): Quantified Self was an exhibition in Dublin City Council’s gallery the Lab in collaboration with the developers of Shimmer wireless sensor platforms. I designed and facilitated the events program.


E.A.T + Aspen, (AS part of the OMG collective) in Coast-Lines Exhibition, Irish Museum of Modern Art, October 2017

Robinhood Offices, Week-long workshop and performance with the Robin Hood Minor Asset Management Agency, November 2015.

Hack the City, Science Gallery, Dublin, The Mobile Commons Open Source GSM Mobile Network Installation and graphic visualisation, 2013.

Eyebeam, New York: Traffic Networked Installation using Data Visualization and Sonification, Biorhythm, Science Gallery, Dublin: Traffic at Biorhythm: Music and the Body, 2011.

Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster: Locative Media Performance, 2010.

Joy Gallery, Dublin: Locative Media Project for the Garden of Remembrance, 2009.

Project Arts Centre, Dublin: Earful @ Project: Site Specific Audio Installation, 2009.


Professor Linda Doyle CONNECT,
Trinity College Dublin ledoyle@tcd.ie
+ 353 87 8171131

Dr. Marie Redmond Lloyd Building,
Trinity College Dublin marie.redmond@cs.tcd.ie +353 87 2415945

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