Rachel O'Dwyer

Forthcoming Talks:

December 14th: I will be giving a talk on transactional dataveillance and cash as a mode of resistance at the Slow Computing Workshop in Maynooth Universty. 

January 20th: I will be chairing a panel on Art and Equity: Tokenising Culture with the Blockchain at this year's Moneylab in London. 

February 4th: I will be in conversation with Stefan Heidenreich at Transmediale 2018. The session is called 'Stop Making Money: Valuation and Non-Monetary Utopias' and we'll be talking about monetary innovation and art and finance. 

Recent Awards:

I recently received an RIA Charlemont Grant for Research into Blockchain. This is a grant for research related travel. I'm visiting London, Liverpool and Geneva to explore blockchain technologies and their impact on the creative and cultural industries. Specifically I'm exploring the creating of new kinds of asset exchanges around physical art on the blockchain. I'm interviewing different stakeholders in Ireland and the UK and visiting a Geneva Freeport.