Rachel O'Dwyer


October 2020, The Human Show Podcast, On Art & Money, Surveillance Capitalism And The Ideal Research Centre

October 2020, AoIR, Artistic Methods for Engaging with Algorithms

October 2020, Ant + Tech Conference, Panellists Fintech Talks,

September 2020, Panel Chair, An AvantGarde Public Service Broadcaster, Fringe Festival + DDR Dublin

March 2020, Automation and the Future of Work, Panel Chair, The Lab, Dublin City Gallery

January 2020, Deplatformization and the Ethics of Exclusion, Panel Chair, Transmediale, Berlin

December 2019, Surveillance, Social Media & The Future of Money, NCAD, Dublin.

November 2019 Cache or Cash? The Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin.

November 2019, Finance and Security Workshop, Follow ERC Project, UVA. Amsterdam

November 2019 A Portable Digital Identity, Moneylab, INC, Amsterdam

June 2019 What does the Algorithm see? Respondent for Photography & the Museum

May 2019, In conversation with Brandon LaBelle, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin

March 2019, Failed, Fictional and Forgotten: Methods for Engagement with Financial Systems, Moneylab, Siegen. 

March 2019 Cashing out & Keeping Account, Moneylab, Siegen

February 2019, Blockchain & the Freeport, Freeport, Terminal MCR, University of Manchester, February 2019

June 2018: Just Speculating, Economics and the Future, University of Edinburgh

May 2018: Trust in Fintech, University of Manchester 

February 2018: Stop Making Money: Transmediale, Berlin 

January 2018: Art and Equity: Moneylab 4, Somerset House, London

December 2017: 'Coined Liberty: Cash as Resistance to Transactional Dataveillance' at Slow Computing Workshop, Programmable Cities, NUI Maynooth

November 2017: I presented on The Tokenisation of Digital and Physical Art at Using Blockchain to Secure the Supply Chain at UC Irvine, 

November 2017: Panel presentation at Mobile Utopias in Lancaster University on the Narrow Utopias of Finance.

October 2017: I presented on a panel at AoIR in Tartu Estonia called Money Studies Meets Internet Studies.

Panellist for The Aftermath of the Digital: Critical Engagements, Future Domains, DAH Conference, Trinity College Dublin, December 2016.

A Cache Society: What your money is saying about you' at Re:Publica, Dublin, October 2016

‘The Algorithmic Politics of Transactional Data’ AOIR, Berlin, October, 2016.

‘Whose Money? Transactional Data and Cultural Memory’, IAMCR, Leicester, July, 2016.

From Algorithmic States to Algorithmic Brains: Algorithmic Governance and Transhumanism Seminar, NUIG, September 2016.

'There's Something about Scale' PeerValue Conference, Amsterdam, September 2016

‘Bitcoin and STS’ Guest Lecture, Media Studies, Maynooth, April, 2016.

‘Blockchain and Public Administration', Procomuns Barcelona, March 2016.

‘Power through the Algorithm’ in '‘Interrogating the Blockchain’: A conversation on the applications, issues and impact of
distributed ledgers in payments
, University of Warwick, Paytech Conference, February 2016.

‘Shifting Property Rights and Digital Infrastructures', Closed Digital Economies Conference & Workshop with Tiziana Terranova, Evgeny Morozov, Francesca Bria & Dmytri Kleiner, Thoughtworks, Berlin, December 2015.

‘Storing Value', Moneylab #2, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, December 2015.

‘Governance by Design: Blockchains’, Guest Lecture, The Programmable City Project, Maynooth University, December 2015.

‘A Blockchain for Platform Cooperativism’, Platform Cooperativism, The New School, New York, November, 2015.

‘This Band is your Band, This Band is my Band: An Economy of Radio Spectrum’ Radical Networks, New York, October, 2015.

‘Does Digital Culture Want to be Free? Distributed Ledgers, Smart Contracts and Cultural Distribution’, Rhizome, New York, October, 2015.

‘Future Money and the Design of Security’, Science Gallery, Dublin, October, 2015.

‘Blockchain: Integrity, Security, Privacy’ Open Knowledge Foundation Ireland, September 2015.

‘Channelling Value: The Models and Political Economy of Payments Infrastructure’ Futures Money Conference, University of Basel, September 2015.

‘Sociotechnical Control in the Infrastructure of Payments’, IAMCR, Montreal, July, 2015.

 ‘Power & Resistance in Virtual Payments’, Controlling Cryptocurrencies, University of Birmingham, June, 2015.

 ‘When Telcos become Banks’, IS4IS, Vienna, June, 2015.

‘Who Controls Where Value Flows?’ Money Talks, Trinity College Dublin, March 2015.

‘This is Not a Cat’: A Prehistory of Digital Networks’, Exhuming the Archive Millennium Arts Centre, Portadown, Co.   Armagh, Northern Ireland, January 2015.

‘Curating for New Media in Ireland’, Digital Quebec, BFI London, March 2015.

‘Shifting Ground, Changing Roles – Collaborations and Perspectives’, UCD Art in Science, Dublin, Panel Chair, February 2015.

‘What’s Mine is Mine and What’s Yours is Mine’ Share & Share Better Panel, Openhere Festival, Dublin November, 2014.

‘Open Source and Digital Art’, Rough Draft Design & New Media Conference, Sligo, October, 2014.

‘Science and Technology Studies: Design Fictions & Functional Failures’ Guest Lecture, School of Engineering, TCD, April, 2014.

‘Other Values: Considering Digital Currency as a Commons’, RGS-IBG Conference London, September, 2014.

‘The New Commons or the New Enclosures?’ Contemporary Capitalism Seminar Series, Provisional University, Dublin, November, 2012.

‘Peer-to-Peer & The Communism of Capital’ Openhere, Trinity College Dublin, June, 2012.

‘The Network and the University’ Public Education Seminar, The Lab, Dublin, Guest Lecture, May, 2012.

‘Common Ground: Shifting Property Relations in the Mobile Internet’, ICTs and Society Conference, Uppsala, Sweden, April, 2012.

‘The Submissive Network: A Political Economy of Radio Spectrum’, Technology, Knowledge and Society Conference, UCLA, Los Angeles, January 2012.

‘Spectral Geographies: The Politics of Electromagnetic Space’ Darklight Film Festival, October 2012.

‘Media Publics’, 4S (Social Studies of Science) Annual Conference, Ohio, October, 2011.

‘Network Media: Exploring the Sociotechnical Relations between Mobile Networks and Media Publics’ ISEA2011, Istanbul, September, 2011.

‘Media Publics: The Political Economy of Mobile Networks’, TA3 Conference, London, June, 2011.